Geographic Profiling – worthy of a chuckle

So this is me and Ken Robertson, Director General of Champlain College at last week’s press conference announcing the commencement of the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund.
As I said in my statement, Ken is a prince. This is a guy who understands the commitment and the follow-through. Here is a guy who made sure I shook hands with every member of Champlain administration. Believe me, by the time we were finished there were no walls, and I was proud to pin the Champlain crest on my lapel.
A funny moment: so Ken’s driving me to lunch, to a restaurant from Lennoxville to Sherbrooke. So we turn right and cross the Saint Francis river and I say, “Ooo! I’ve always wanted to see what’s up here.”.  And Ken says, “Well, it’s just Bishops School and a backway into Sherbrooke.” and I say, “Yes, I know, I know every inch of it… I’ve studied every map of Sherbrooke in matters of sexual aggressions, but some I’ve never traveled on”. And Ken says, “Yes, I guess you’d have an intimate relationships of all roads in the region by now.”
And I say… YES.

Contributions to the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund can be made to one of two foundations in the United States and Canada. When you make a gift you will receive the full tax advantages available by law for gifts to public charities in the United States and Canada.

Benefactors from Canada may contact:

Foundation Champlain-Lennoxville Inc.
Theresa Allore Memorial Fund
c/o Marielle Denis, Treasurer
P.O. 5003 (Champlain Lennoxville Campus)
Sherbrooke, Québec, J1M 2A1

Tel: (819) 564-3600 ext. 638

Benefactors from the United States may contact:

Triangle Community Foundation
Theresa Allore Memorial Fund
c/o Fred Stang, Director of Development
324 Blackwell Street, Suite 1220
Durham, NC, 27701

Tel: 919-474-8370

With U.S. donations you may also take advantage of donating online using a credit card. Go to the following website and highlight the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund from the drop down menu:


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