New book chronicles Theresa Allore Investigation

For Immediate Release
September 22th, 2008

New book, Criminal Investigative Failures chronicles Theresa Allore Investigation

A new book documenting mistakes made in criminal investigations will feature a chapter on the death of Theresa Allore. Criminal Investigative Failures, to be published November 10th, 2008 features a chapter written by John Allore and Patricia Pearson that fully explores the 1978 investigation, and attempts made 30 years later to have the case reopened. It features never before seen photographs of the crime from that era.

The book is edited by Dr. Kim Rossmo, a pioneer in criminal geographic profiling, and a research professor at Texas State University’s Department of Criminal Justice. Criminal Investigative Failures defines and discusses the problems that are common to failed investigations. Exploring cognitive bias, errors in probability, and organizational traps.

Advanced praise for the chapter has been high. Dr. Rossmo calls it the cornerstone of the entire book. Editors for Taylor & Francis write,

… could not stop reading until I had finished it. I cannot imagine what Mr. Allore and his family have had to go through for the past 30 years. Absolutely disheartening to see the obvious holes in the police investigation. I was just dumbfounded at points reading about their mis-management of the case. A magnetic chapter.

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