Is this thing on?

If you had a private audience with the police what would you do? What would you ask for?

That’s a question I’ve been pondering for the last 24 hours. For a limited time next week I will have the ear of the Director of Quebec’s Cold Case Bureau, and his immediate supervisor, the head of Major Crime Investigations in Quebec. At my side will be the leader of the most influential victims’ lobbying group in Quebec, perhaps in all of Canada.  What do I ask for?
Kim Rossmo, professor of criminology and a pioneer in crime profiling, suggests I ask for a proper investigation of my sister’s murder, and a serious exploration of the possibility of links to the murders of Manon Dube and Lousie Camirand.  I concede that Kim’s recommendation  justly re-frames the request back to the bare essentials: has everything been done to thoroughly investigate Theresa’s death, and to rule out a possible link with the other two murders?
But in being so objective, I am concerned that this will give the Surete du Quebec the option to avoid scrutiny. They can answer yes to both questions, and there is nothing the public can do to validate their assertion. 
I was thinking of something more binding. Something that will hold the police accountable to future skepticism about the thoroughness of their actions. Something a little unprecedented. 
I already have something in mind, but I welcome your comments and suggestions to facilitate a relationship between police and public that has not been tried before.

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