Is There an Echo in Here?

Yes, ‘cept in the U.S. no one would have the stones to call for an assault weapons ban. In fact the Virginia Tech shootings of the Spring 2007 saw lobbying for legislation that would allow students to arm themselves on campus. 

Two years after the assault on Montreal’s Dawson College, here are the Quebec Coroner’s recommendations –  a third of which address police’s general lack of organization:

– Health and education officials should have access to the federal gun registry.

– Ban weapons where the charger is located behind the trigger.
– Police should immediately liaise with staff at the beginning of operations involving a shooter to maximize information about his location
– Police should consider equipping each station with one or two long-barrelled guns to be used by trained officers and kept in patrol car trunks.
– Police should keep track of patrol cars dispersed across their territory with electronic mapping such as GPS to make response more effective.
– Schools and colleges should prepare emergency plans to deal with potential shooters with the assistance of police.


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