Just Sitting At Home Growing Tenser With The Times

(how I spent my fall vacation)

I’ve moved. If you recall, me and my parents were in a race to sell our houses. Mine sold in 4 days, the last 6 weeks was really just all about home-buyer due diligence (so much for the sub-prime crisis).
I’m glad to be out of it. I’m debt free and intend to stay that way.
The new shack
I’ve been less than personal lately. Business will do that to you. So here’s what’s going on:
1. I’ll be in Quebec within the next 8 weeks to announce the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund in conjunction with Champlain College… let’s lay this puppy to rest.
2. The Kim Rossmo book is due out the first week of November. Perfect timing; I intend to make hay with it. Namely: well done SQ! Now could you please publicize your new bureau, and give me a formal introduction to the Theresa’s case file representative.
3. Suspects: I’ve got a few, why do the police have none? What’s the problem here? Can you guys engage in a little creative thinking to solve this crime? ‘Cause what you’ve been doing? It ain’t working.
Also, if you recall, I had to pick up a lot of Theresa’s personal belongings from my parents last Spring. Here’s a slight inventory of the things I found:

Theresa’s Brownie outfit
Theresa’s piggy-bank. It still had all the money in it. (Here I will reiterate that she died 30 years ago)
Theresa’s David Bowie poster (her sacred relic)
A wall hanging she concocted which resembles a Russian icon

You can imagine my surprise when I uncovered this. I framed it against one of my own shirts to emphasize how small she was.

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