In the wake of last week’s unrest in Montreal North, The Canadian Press publishes a list of riots in Montreal from recent memory. Notice a pattern here? Nothin’ a little face-wash won’t solve:

“Here is a list of major incidents involving civil disobedience in Montreal.

April 21, 2008 – Rioters set five police cars ablaze and smash windows after a Canadiens playoff victory over the Boston Bruins. Police arrest 56 people.

1993 – A victory celebration for the Habs Stanley Cup win ends with rampant looting and vandalism. As many as 980 officers are needed to return order to downtown streets.

“Maudite, forget about our sovereign rights, just give us the F-in’ Cup!”

1986 – 5,000 people rampage through downtown Montreal following the Habs victory over Calgary. Police arrest 168 people.

1968 – Police arrest 290 people and 125 people are injured on the eve of the 1968 election, when Prime Minister Trudeau ignores threats of separatist violence and attends the St-Jean-Baptiste Day parade.

1955 – Fans at the Montreal forum revolt when NHL President Clarence Campbell shows up after suspending Maurice Rocket Richard. A smoke bomb empties the building, beginning seven hours of rioting.”


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