Cold case of university student solved after 38 years

“The last remaining unsolved murder at (Michigan State University) has been solved. Marie Ann Jackson, whose body was found in an isolated wooded area of MSU property near College Road on Nov. 21, 1970, had been lying in the woods for up to four days before her body was found. (The 19-year-old) had been strangled.

“Now, 38 years later, members of the MSU police homicide task force have confirmed that DNA and tissue analysis match Carl Finch, an acquaintance of Jackson’s. Finch, an Eaton Rapids resident, committed suicide in Florida in 1997.

“For family members of someone who was murdered, it gives them hope that the cases that their loved ones were involved in are cases that can be solved,” she said.”

I like this story for obvious reasons:

1. They finally identified who murdered Marie Ann Jackson 38 years ago.
2. The MSU campus police solved the murder. I think this is the first story I’ve come across where the campus police took the lead role in the investigation and ended up solving the murder of one of their students.
3. The university never “forgot” about Marie and continued to work on her case. (And I don’t think the family had to continually prompt then to do so.)

However, the best writing connected to this story was from a reader who posted the following comment at the end of the online article. He said:

“Tell your parents not to worry, kids! According to Sgt. Florene McGlothian Taylor, if you get murdered on campus, they’ll figure it out within 40 years.”

Let’s hope Theresa’s murder doesn’t reach the 40-year mark! It just takes some people with a conscience to SHARE what they know–anonymously if necessary. We hope to hear from you soon ( or Again, all information provided will be treated with the utmost discretion.

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