An Ebayer asks me:

hi, i bought a couple of fp toy sets today and am now bidding on your new ones. where on earth did you get these incredible toys, if you don’t mind my asking? i haven’t been collecting long but i’ve never seen a seller have so many. i really want this beauty salon so i hope it doesn’t go too high, but i am sure you do 🙂 do you have any more salons you will be selling in the future? well, hopefully you can answer most of my questions. thanks,

My answer:
I only have one of each: Here’s what happened. I had Fisher Price Little People as a kid. In the late 80s when they decided to discontinue, I started to buy everything so my (future) kids would have them. At that time I was living b/w Texas and NC so I remember in particular picking them up at Woolworths’ there. They all ended up in boxes in my parents’ basement in Canada where they remained untouched for 20 years. 2 weeks ago my parents were downsizing to a condo and I went to Canada to help them… and found boxes of this stuff. I had forgotten about them.

Of course the story is that my children are by now grown and have no interest in FPLP (they want me to use the Ebay money to buy a new MAC.) SO that’s why I have so much.

I will have one more week of auctions for a the McDonals’s set (box in bad shape, toy perfect), School House (again, bad box), and the Garage (mint all round)) Then I have some Tyco trains (again in boxes) to unload. And the Planet of the Apes stuff seems really popular.

Thank you for bidding and good luck,

And to see my other auctions go to: View seller’s other items

(no, I haven’t sold anything of Theresa’s… yet)


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