Drinking in Airport Bars

I would not advise it. It will leave you sleepy, you will be no more wise for it.

Logan screams for a Sam Adams head. It’s grey and dreary, take tea instead.

Toronto, time for one last pinto; you’re sloshed enough, now take a hint-o.

Surely Montreal can spare a Molson’s; consider coffee, you’re getting old son.

Nothing to do when Newark bound, have some water, then get out of town.

JFK? Try Scotch and Soda, or some Postum as your nightcap coda.

Houston: hub for Continental, Bourbon shots? I think you’re mental.

RDU’s for B’ball celebrations; may I interest you in a Sprite libation?

LAX? Try something spicey; hold the Tequila, just shoot the icey.

O’Hare deserves a good stiff drink, Pepto B will keep you Pink.

Halifax? When you’re puddle-jumper bound?

Oh then I definitely recommend a Keith’s to keep you sound.


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