Dateline NBC

I’m afraid I was being slightly sarcastic yesterday. Don’t get too excited about this. I have fielded many calls from these types of folks – they rarely pan out.

1. It’s an intern (I hope to God not a summer intern); which means they are the bottom-feeder of the news organization. They’ve been sent to troll the blogsphere for anything interesting and they found Theresa.

2. Half the time these folks don’t know what-the-hell they’re even looking for, they’re running in five places at once and have the attention span of a Golden Retriever.

But I say, turn a disadvantage into an advantage. I will tell them what they’re looking for. My job is to spin a story so compelling that it just might make it to the boss’ desk. Because they are a national, American news organization, there is one aspect of this story I am going to pitch to them (and it ain’t Allore-Camirand-Dube). You’re smart cookies, can you guess what angle I’m going to play up? Here’s a hint… Anon touched on it again recently.


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