Cold Case Catch Up

It’s good to know that…

– not all government agencies are dragging their feet when it comes to solving cold cases

our group isn’t alone in the fight to get law enforcement to re-visit cold cases.

Cold case playing cards for two more jurisdictions
South Carolina
“The idea has already gotten the green light from (South Carolina’s) Department of Corrections Director Jon Ozmint. DOC spokesman Josh Gelinas said the department is already making preparations to distribute the cards, once they’re produced.”

West Palm Beach, Florida
“Palm Beach will disperse its cards in a few months, distributing up to 3,000 decks to about 2,500 inmates. At least indirectly, the inmates will be footing the $7,500 cost because it will be covered by funds seized in arrests, said sheriff’s Capt. Jack Strenges.”

….to Michigan’s Macomb County Cops for solving their 21st cold case in 3 years
“Prosecutor Eric Smith launched the cold case unit after taking office in 2005. He said he had been struck during his campaign by how many residents complained of cases gone cold over the years. (He) didn’t realize as an assistant prosecutor that so many cases have gone unresolved.”

…to LAPD’s Cold Case Section for solving 60 cases
“Since its inception, the 13 detectives and one lieutenant in the Cold Case Special Section have solved more than 60 cases, including that of a serial killer of 15 victims. The LAPD’s Cold Case Special Section was established in 2001 to re-examine nearly 9,000 cases from the 1960s to the late 1990s that remain unsolved.”

Two jurisdictions to get cold case squads?

“(Joe Anne) Hendrix plans to speak about the need for a statewide cold-case squad that would take a fresh look at old deaths such as her daughter’s…Hendrix and members of the central Arkansas chapter of Parents of Murdered Children are compiling a list of unsolved killings in the state. The group plans to use the list to help make its case to the state Legislature next year, Hendrix said.”

Livingston, Michigan
“The unit would investigate nearly 60 crimes from Washtenaw County and a dozen from Livingston. Four retired homicide detectives would staff the squad, which would be managed by the Michigan State Police.”

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