Congratulations Detective Dennis Delano!
You’ve got my vote!

I was watching America’s Most Wanted (AMW) tonight and was thrilled to see that my favourite cold case detective, Dennis Delano, was named the Week 5 Finalist for AMW’s “All-Star Hero”.

He is one of eight people who will compete in the show’s All Star Competition which works to honor America’s top first responders.

The final round of voting in the All Star Competition begins April 17th. Viewers can vote once a day until the contest winner is announced in May. That person will receive $10,000 and a trip to the Sprint Nascar race in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As you know, Det. Delano is part of the Buffalo Police Department’s Cold Case Squad. He was the man responsible for catching a serial killer and exonerating two people who were wrongfully convicted.

Unfortunately, Det. Delano was suspended last month for turning over video evidence from a murder trial to a local television station. His superiors say Dennis disobeyed repeated orders and didn’t follow departmental rules. (I say the police department should spend more time worrying about sending innocent people to jail rather than suspending good cops who bend the rules. I trust Dennis’ instincts more than theirs.)

Fortunately, Dennis has the support of the community behind him who obviously treat him like a hero.

I hope the Buffalo Police Department realizes Det. Delano is an asset and gets him back on the Force pronto! (It would be a MAJOR embarrassment for Buffalo to have Det. Delano get named top cop and still have him suspended.)

You can read more about Det. Delano’s nomination here:

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