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Quebec 400

The Globe and Mail on Samuel de Champlain:

“That damned picture makes him look like Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame.”

Finger lickin’ good

“With a legacy like this, you can almost see why the organizers of the Quebec 400 celebrations threw up their hands in exasperation and summoned Céline to centre stage. And you can start to appreciate the blunt dismissal by René Lévesque: “ Pas très stimulant, le fondateur” “

That’s right, organisers caved and the show will end with a whimper: Celine Dion center stage: just what hundreds of Americans who have witnessed her Vegas act for the last 5 years would trek to Quebec to witness.

Earth Hour

Fans are pressured to turn off Hockey Night In Canada on a Saturday showcase of the Habs v. Leafs: David Sazuki, haven’t you some manure to spread on the plants?


Earth Hour II – I’m all in

Despite it feeling gimmicky, despite none of the neighbors participating, would I pass up the chance to huddle in the dark and read The Three Musketeers to my kids? Priceless.


Report: Easley Press Office Ordered E-mails Deleted

I long for Jim Hunt

Breaking News: Sprite likes Coke and Pepsi:

Edwards Praises Both Clinton, Obama in First Political Speech


Nelly Wants Springsteen Collaboration

Because that Tim Mcgraw collaboration worked out so well for you.

A word of advice, G… Remember MC Hammer and Deion Sanders, Straight To My Feet? Sinatra and Bono, Night and Day? Andrea Bocelli and Elmo? Enough with the dumbass collaborations already.


“Un Nuage Noir”: The Cost of Police Consolidation

The move to SQ consolidation can balloon municipal budgets, as more officers are needed to patrol expanding jurisdictions.


Glad to see the Quebec Government taking on the tough justice issues in the province: – NHL – Quebec government seeks to curb hockey violence


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