Fresh Perspective Needed

After 25 years, Sue Huppelsberg can finally breathe a sigh of relief. On March 21, Kenneth West was convicted of her mother’s sexual assault and homicide.

Sue never stopped pressuring police to find Josephine O’Keefe’s killer but it wasn’t until 2001, when Sue asked the Pelham Village Police to call in the Westchester County major case detectives into the investigation, that breaks in the case started to surface.

“(Huppelsberg) urged other families seeking justice in cold-case homicides to never give up, never be satisfied with “not enough witnesses, not enough evidence” and to ask for new investigators for a fresh perspective that could solve the crime.”

Good advice Sue. That’s what I believe too.

Theresa’s case has been unsolved for 30 years. Her family hasn’t given up hope that Theresa’s killer would eventually be found. The only people who appear to have given up are the Sûreté du Quebec. Even though a new “investigator” was recently assigned to the case, no new activity is underway. I doubt Theresa’s file has been seriously looked at. I doubt that any witnesses/suspects have been interviewed. I doubt that any leads have been followed up.

Why can’t the SQ just admit that they need a fresh perspective? Why can’t they bring in a specialist with the resolve to at least interview some suspects, re-examine the file and follow up on the leads that have been forwarded to them?

Other police forces take homicide and cold cases seriously. It’s 2008. It’s time that the SQ set aside past mistakes, egos, laziness, whatever, and get on with the business of who killed Theresa Allore.

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