Yer Mourning Newz

Donnie Darko’s Washington Easter Surprise:

Easter at the White House: 15000 eggs


Former Durham City Manager Indicted in SC

NC WANTED, NC – A grand jury indicted Marcia Conner Thursday on two charges of misconduct in office and one charge of violation of an employer’s obligation to a police …

Yes, I was working for Durham while Conner served as City Manager. And yes, as a story it’s a strangler, though I thought this was the more telling headline:

Outside assistance requested for fifth time in 20 years Myrtle Beach Sun News


Fresh Fruit Waterboarding:

FDA detains Honduran producer’s cantaloupes


I was wondering this myself:

What does the Fed actually do?


Ok, let’s settle down. The man murdered his father; he’s not an eminent threat to all society:

Manhunt rages for murderer


Steers and Queers:


Love da Man:

Kevin Parent: un loup dans son élément (entrevue)


And we wonder why Americans openly mock us:

Size does matter for mating moose

Go Habs! Go Heals!


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