It Happens Every Spring

I’m going to move away from the Eve Carson case for now. It has CNN national coverage now, no need for lil’ old me (I prefer the smaller cases).

Kim Rossmo’s book, Criminal Investigative Failures is going to print. It should be out in time for the American Society of Criminology meeting in St. Louis this November, where Kim has been asked to be on a panel on police decision making because of the book. Apparently there are already advanced sales, and the chapter I did, What Happened To Theresa Allore? is getting a lot of positive response. Thanks to all of you who helped (you know who you are).

On another note, not to be too coy, but there could be some potentially explosive news in the coming weeks regarding another failure on the part of Quebec police to do a thorough job of investigating Theresa’s murder. Why is it that every Spring the SQ seems to be in hot water?


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