Kudos to the citizens of Buffalo…

According to news stories posted a few days ago, I am thrilled to report that cold case Detective Dennis Delano of Buffalo has the overwhelming support of his community. (Thanks Doreen Prior for updating me on this story!)

“More than 250 people paid $20 each in a show of support for the renowned and rumpled cold-case detective who was suspended without pay 12 days ago. ..”

The fundraiser collected approximately $10,000 and Det. Delano says, “It’s not about the money,” Delano said. “It’s about the people who are here, and the caliber of people who are here. These are all beautiful people. The money. . . . I’ll help as many people as I can with it.”

Yes. Det. Delano broke the rules when he handed over a crime scene video and a tape of a suspect taking a lie detector test to a local tv station. But his actions pale in comparison to what the State of New York did when it wrongfully convicted two people. How come the DA and his superiors aren’t suspended without pay for their involvement in TWO miscarriages of justice?

As everyone who reads this blog probably already knows, I am a huge fan of Det. Delano. He works for the victims, not his bosses. And I’d love to see someone on the SQ demonstrate the same passion and ferocity for truth and justice as Dennis Delano does.

Here’s the Buffalo News story about Det. Delano’s fundraiser:


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