Yer Mourning Newz

Mom charged after using car wash hose on toddler


There’s something not quite right about naming your homeless shelter The Old Brewery Mission?


Bill C-10 would prevent government funding for films with gratuitous violence

Ya mean like this?:


Barf-Bag Express forced to make emergency landing in Edmonton


Oh geee… just what I didn’t want for the holidays. Another useless gift card. What’s that you say? The gift card is literally useless?


Oh no, you wouldn’t want to let business owners make the call whether to stay open or not on holidays. No, let that be a government decision. Canada: the last bastion of communism.


If the ADQ throw more police officers at the provincial budget, will they stick?


In December, the RCMP watchdog said “usage creep” of Tasers by police forces is a “major concern.” It argued the weapons were often being used to subdue people who “do not pose a threat of grievous bodily harm or death.”:

Comforting. I recently did a “ride along” with the Raleigh PD. The young officer I rode with was excited about his new Taser and “couldn’t wait to use it.”


I wanna go:

Aretha Franklin et Steely Dan au Festival de jazz

CBC axes Hockey Wives

“The secret lives of curling husbands”: There’s a hit, a bunch of white guys watching Hockey Night in Canada. It’s like anti-TV.

On a related note:

CBC raciste? Who cares?

Ya got that right. Didn’t CBC Jump the Shark 10 years before Fonzie? About as culturally relevant as an English Muffin.


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