Let the spin begin

Earlier Friday, Curran backed away from calling Carson’s death random, instead saying investigators simply don’t have evidence to the contrary. “There are criminals that roam among society on a fairly regular basis,” he said. “It’s not just Chapel Hill. … Our officers are out there just doing the normal job that they do every day.”


Chapel Hill police are working with UNC Chapel Hill police on the investigation and have declined help from other law enforcement agencies, Curran said.

At this point, our investigators are handling the volume of work they have,” he said. It’s possible they may eventually seek outside assistance, he said.

Meanwhile, two UNC students who were friends of Carson’s and live across the street from her house, said Friday afternoon that no investigators had visited their house to question them.

“My roommates would have said something,” said Cameron Rosenow, a 21-year-old junior at UNC, who said he had not talked to police. “I don’t think anyone who lives around here [has] had cops come by.”


“This might be unprecedented for us,” District Attorney James Woodall said. “It’s a concern, it’s tragic, but I don’t know that there’s a pattern there.”



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