Why was an honest cop silenced?

I’ll tell you why. Because Det. Dennis Delano of the Buffalo Cold Case Squad is a whistleblower…and warriors for truth get sacrificed in political battles. Whistleblowers scare the higher-ups. C. Fred Alford, author of the book “Whistleblowers” says, “the organization as an institution is dedicated to the destruction of the moral individualist…”

I sincerely hope the good people of Buffalo will make sure that Det. Delano doesn’t get “destroyed” because of his passion for truth and justice. We can’t afford to lose good cops like him to the herd mentality. If he is silenced, then so is the voice of the victims.

(And Det. Delano, if you’re reading this and have some spare time on your hands because of your suspension, I’m sure our little group would be thrilled to have someone of your caliber lend your expertise to this case.)

Buffalo Detective Speaks Out On Local Airwaves
About Suspension

Buffalo, NY
March 1, 2008

A veteran cold case detective took to the local airwaves today to speak out about his controversial suspension. As news 4’s Michele McClintick reports, detective Dennis Delano says he did nothing wrong.

He was stripped of his badge and is speaking out about his suspension.

Dennis Delano, “I don’t think there’s any substance to what their claims are, but they’re going to inconvenience me as much as possible.”

Veteran Police Detective Dennis Delano appeared on WBEN airwaves to shed some light on his troubles with the Buffalo Police Department.

Dennis Delano, “I didn’t just wake up some morning and go ‘hey I’m gonna go violate a bunch of laws, rules and regulations”

Delano says Friday he was given four pages worth of charges, including one he’s still trying to figure out.

Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson says Dennis Delano ignored direct orders from his superiors.

Dennis Delano, “They told me for starters insubordination.”

Delano maintains he did nothing wrong and believes he’s being targeted for continuing to work on the Crystalyn Girard investigation, even after being told it’s a closed case. It was a similar situation over a year ago, when he wouldn’t give up on the case of the bike path rapist, which led to the exhonoration of Anthony Capozzi.

Dennis Delano, “The important thing is Lynn is standing here free and Anthony Capozzi is free.” After a medical examiner ruled Crystalyn Girards death was a cocaine overdose, Delano went on the attack.

Dennis Delano, “I believe he’s totally wrong.”

He maintains, based on the evidence from the crime scene, that the 13 year old’s death was a homicide, and doesn’t regret speaking out about what he calls serious flaws in the case.

Dennis Delano, “I don’t know where it’s coming from the administration has turned on me, I have no idea why.”

Dennis Delano will have to give a formal statement at a hearing on Tuesday.

He says he’s already been contacted by several attorneys, but says he’s going in on his own and just telling the truth, he says, like he always has.

Meanwhile members of the bike path task force are holding a fundraiser next weekend for Dennis Delano, since he’s suspended without pay. The fundraiser takes place March 9 at Level Club in Downtown, 5-8 PM and is $20 per person. More information is on our website.

A woman now free because of Delano’s hard work is outraged at the accusations against him. Lynn DeJac also spoke on WBEN this afternoon.

DeJac sat in prison for 13 years for the death of her daughter, Crystallyn Girard. It’s a crime Delano proved she did not commit.

Lynn Dejac–Delano supporter, “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him. I don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for him. Who do you know who is going to go and possibly lose their job to tell the truth. “

You can read more about the case that got Det. Delano suspended here: http://www.wgrz.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=55873

Maritime Missy

P.S. Check out my Sept. 20, 2007, blog entry about Det. Dennis Delano
It happened to Kim Rossmo. And he sued Vancouver Police for wrongful dismissal. Keep the faith, Dennis!


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