On Effective Policing

Would the RCMP have done a better job investigating Theresa’s murder in the 1970s then the Surete du Quebec?

From inception the SQ were created to be traffic cops and riot busters. They were like the state highway patrol. In the late 70s, when the Parti Quebecois siezed control, the SQ broadened its mandate. But they were never given the funding to fulfill this mandate. And they didn’t have any expertise in criminal investigation. Not to blame it all on higher government. The SQ certainly didn’t help themselves – they could have sought out expertise, learned from others. But they have federalist leanings (look to the orgins of policing in French – Vidocq) and are thus completely insular by nature. Add to that the language stigma and you pretty much have an organization that operates with its ears stuff and its eyes shut.


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