The more things change,
the more they remain the same…

Today, I read my copy of the Halifax Herald and once again, the front page is dominated by two more gruesome crimes against young girls/women.

The first one is about a 12-year-old girl, Karissa Boudreau, from Bridgewater, NS, whose body was found on the upper banks of the LaHave River six days ago. She had been missing since January 27 after she and her mother allegedly had a fight in the local Sobeys parking lot. After two helicopter searches, two underwater searches of the river and a community search of the area failed to turn up anything, a passerby found Karissa’s body on February 9th across the street from a blind man’s house. The police took six days to perform an autopsy and declared her death a homicide. Today, the RCMP had two suspects in custody.

Some of the interesting statements in the news coverage include:

… an RCMP profiler from Ottawa “came down to the scene, looked over the file and certainly felt that (the local RCMP) were going in the right direction,”
… Karissa was found within walking distance of her home.
… the police did not have video evidence to back up the mother’s story that she left Karissa in the car after their argument.
… They also won’t say whether family members, including Karissa’s mother, Penny Boudreau, and her boyfriend, Vernon MacCumber, have been ruled out as suspects.

These statements tell me two things:

1. The media seems to be asking the right questions.
2. The police, in this instance, seem to be doing all the right things—acting quickly, bringing in additional resources and experts and not leaving anything to chance. Let’s hope they keep the pressure on until the killer(s) are brought to justice(?).

I can’t help but wonder if Theresa Allore’s death occurred in 2008 outside the Province of Quebec, would we have a need for this blog? Have the Sûreté du Québec’s policing techniques kept pace with the times?

Somehow, I doubt it. Maybe the parents of Julie Surprenant and Cedrika Provencher could tell us.

Martin Provencher, the father of Cedrika said the SQ failed to issue an Amber Alert and begin a prompt investigation in the days after his daughter was reported missing. He also says the SQ haven’t been sharing information with the family. (Surprise, surprise.)

Is it just me or is there a marked difference between the way crimes are investigated in Quebec?

The second story is about Charlene Knapp, a pregnant mother of one, who was brutally stabbed with a SWORD by her fiancé. She almost died, she lost her unborn baby and she is now permanently disabled. Her fiancé received 14 years in jail which means he’ll probably be out in seven. Sad commentary on our justice system.

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