Here’s one you’ve never seen. Theresa’s ballet recital:

And I will remind you all of a 30th anniversary. Thirty years ago this year Theresa was murdered. And here we still sit and wait for answers, for justice. True, leads dry up over time, but I do know this; you will not solve this case by sitting at your desk in Montreal waiting for the public to come to you with information. That’s akin to me sitting at this computer and waiting to drop 10 pounds: get up off your arse and do something!

I’ll tell you what was going on 30 years ago right about now. I celebrated my birthday. Theresa gave me two records; Jethro Tull, Aqualung and Rush Farewell to Kings. We were preparing to move from Montreal to Saint John, NB. In March I would begin a new semester at a new private school. Theresa was getting really bored with working in a factory on route 40 on the West Island; she asked my mom to pay for her to go back to school – to Champlain college where my brother was already a first year student. My parents agreed. She would visit us in the summer of 1978 in Saint John with her boyfriend Vlad, start classes in the Fall at Champlain, come home for Canadian Thanksgiving, and then she was gone.

I’m not sad to have lost her, I’m over that. I’m enraged that the justice system hasn’t done more to solve her murder.



Bill, you’re right. I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees, and forget the fundamentals. That is – in part – because it is not in my nature to do a “tribute site”, though undoubtably whokilledtheresa has those elements, and can’t escape that flavor. But I should stick to some repeated re-enforcement of the basics of the case; my sister was murdered, the case is unsolved, mistakes were made by major government agencies. Without frequent repetition of those basics, an outsider may have a hard time figuring out what is going on here. More importantly, a clue might never be offered.



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