Case Update

I did get an update on Theresa’s file. In fact I got it the day after I made the cold-case update, I just forgot to mention it. Theresa’s case remains with Benoit. Though he’s training to be a polygrapher, the SQ decided to keep the file with him. This means Theresa’s file IS NOT with a specified cold-case unit within the Quebec police.

Let’s do a little Alpha Rating on this:


1. Status quo is maintained: the case doesn’t have to be explained to another nubbie.

2. Following on 1, I don’t have to re-establish the rules of engagement from the family’s perspective.

3. We have a stable environment – we’re not back to ground zero again (lost ground).


1. Again, the status quo. No new ideas, no innovation. The case has stalled, and it will remain stalled.

2. Without getting personal, Benoit is “old school”, he’s not going to lift a finger beyond what is required. He will sit and wait for information to come to him rather than being proactive.

3. A polygrapher / cold-case investigator?

4. Benoit’s in Ottawa through the end of March for polygraph training, that puts him out of commission for 3 months with a case where time is running out.


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