Yer Mourning Newz

Police scour Brampton suburb for ‘Dr. Horror’

Dr. Amit Kumar: He’ll make you a true believer.


Son of Bill 101

Call it what you will; the law of diminishing returns, regression to the mean… the French population in Quebc is shrinking. While Marois and Dumont make political hay, and Charest attempts to throw money at the problem, you might as well take that money and flush it down the toilet.


Poland sends two helicopters to aid Canada in Afghanistan

Punch-line? Anybody?

Bush Ready to Back GOP Nominee

In fact we have video of W puckering up for McCain’s Sicilian Kiss of Death:

Park Police Rebuked For Weak Security

You got Barney Fife guarding the Washington Monument; what did they think would happen?
NASA beams Beatles’ “Across the Universe” to aliens

Remember when NASA had credibility and clout and didn’t have to resort to cheap gimicks to keep itself newsworthy?

Oh, enough of The Wire already!


The Case for CFL

3 downs v 4 downs
longer field
extra man

Oh… not that CFL…

Maharishi, you’ll get yours yet…


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