But It’s My Lucky Hat

Recall: I had 6 comprehensive exams over 2 days. That meant 4 hours on a Friday for:

Policy Analysis

Management Systems

Organizational Behavior

And 4 hours the next day (Saturday) on:

Research Methods



I haven’t said much since I wrote them (I didn’t want to jinx anything). I passed them all. Which is great given 20 – 25% fail at least one of them.

What a friggin’ hassle that was! I studied my ass off and still felt I only knew about 5 things: if I could allow my mind to operate like a Chinese box I might be able to expand on those 5 things.

Day two was a nightmare, people were giggling mid-exam without provocation. I had to do a mental verta-hold on my retina to keep from going brain dead. By the 6th hour I was in a crisis; statistics, and no room for bullshit – you either know it or you don’t. My answers became terse to the point of haiku. They were riddles really… I dare you to question my competence. What a tightrope… any temptation to expand on the rational thought process would surely be callout for the malarkey it was, and destine you for certain failure.

So how’d I get through it? Two toques. The one on the left for Friday, the one on the right for Saturday.

Something on my noggin to remind me why I was there.


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