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Lennoxville, Quebec celebrates 30-years of peepers, prowlers, pederasts and panty-sniffers!


Guy Lafleur’s so-called perjury statements: Given the choice between my kids and the legitimacy of Quebec’s criminal justice system? I’ll choose my kids every time.

A slightly different story than we were hearing yesterday

According to the French morning papers, a red Acura has been siezed by the Surete du Quebec in hopes of finding trace evidence of missing 10-year old Cédrika Provencher.

This is a different story than I was hearing yesterday… that Martin Provencher was running his own investigation and the police weren’t cooperating. In truth, I trolled the news wires yesterday and could not find evidence of any acrimony between the Provenchers and the police. And it is quite common for a family to undertake their own investigative tasks (M. Provencher travelled to New Brunswick last year to follow some leads); the family has more vested in this, and thus more time to pursue ideas than the police.

This is one of the reasons I backed off on the radio interview of addressing anything to do with the Provencher investigation: I could not find evidence that the Surete du Quebec was doing anything but cooperating and participating in full with the search for Cédrika.


Britney Spears returns to psych ward

Lest we forget even Manson was capable of writing the occasional good song


Clinton, Obama Debate Change Vs. Experience

Is it asking too much of the Washington Post to give us something a little less trite here?

I’ll give you a better headline:

Clinton, Obama: Tube Socks versus Footies

Quebec’s 400 anniversary fete:

Finally two sticks have caught fire within the planning committee. Rather than throwing a $6.3 Cirque du Soleil-esque opera spectacle, why not just invite Cirque du Soleil and be done with it.


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