Yer Morning News

Apologies are great, except when they ring hollow. Seems the Nova Scotia RCMP are being taken to the woodshed (again) for racist treatment of African American Nova Scotians:

“…the surveillance was pervasive, invasive. They had people, RCMP officers, follow me, in particular, when I travelled about the city and even when I travelled around speaking at universities or wherever I was going.”

An apology does not (should never) absolve systemic bad behavior. Sometimes it is best to tolerate, but never forgive.


Feds say, “Get us NATO support in Afghanistan or we’re invading PEI”

“MacKay said troops at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, N.B., were on standby and could be on the ground in P.E.I. within hours, if needed. “

Oh great, Gagetown… isn’t that we’re they kept the Agent Orange?


Charles Aznavour subs for Pope at Quebec 400 fete

“Avec l’abandon de l’opéra urbain, 2 millions de dollars sont désormais disponibles pour ajouter des activités à la programmation du 400e.”

I don’t know about you, but Aznavour was not exactly the A-list talent I had in mind given a $2 million government subsidized entertainment budget.


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