Let’s get down to business (I’ll stop with the goofy posts already)

I called the SQ this afternoon (I let that slide for the last two months, what with the holiday and all). Still trying to find out who Theresa’s new investigator is. The secretary assured me that this time someone would get back with me.

This, having just got word that Sharron Prior ‘s investigator is set to retire, so the Priors are also playing guessing games about what’s in store for that case.

And there’s news that the OPP’s cold case unit is still in business for one more year, but may get axed due to Fantino’s juggling budget priorities. Someone needs to inform Commissioner Fantino and the folks at Queen’s Park that the burdon historic unsolved murders places on the social conscience of society is a qualitative cost that can be monitized. Just as the social benefits of solving these crimes can be quantified. The net benefit to a society is invaluable.


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