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‘Warnings and Hoaxes’

by Anon
A couple of days ago I received an email warning females about a ploy that was being used on women.  It described how a young woman had been approached in the parking lot of a mall and asked to sample a new perfume.  She didn’t try it because she herself had been warned by an email of just such a ruse.  The sample is not perfume, it is ether or some other anesthetic or solvent.
I thought this was a good warning so I forwarded this to everyone I knew.  Within hours, several people wrote to tell me that this email was a hoax.  Nevertheless, I thought it was a good warning because, even if it was a hoax, apparently it has been around a while and gone quite far, that some unscrupulous people might actually think that this is a good way to abduct someone and use it.  I wrote back saying that it was a good warning anyway, and it gave me the chance to send out another warning that I would like to share here.
I recently transcribed the warnings of a mother whose daughter was abducted 2 years ago today, January 24, 2006.  Her name is Jennifer Kesse.  This is a true story.  The words of warning from her mother are not a hoax.

“…never park along side of a van, whether or not it’s a paneled van or a commercial vehicle or a passenger van that has the sliding door; whether or not there’s anybody in the front seat because you could literally be putting your keys in your car and that sliding door can open and you can be stunned with a stun gun and dragged into that van in less than 3 seconds.  That’s how quickly you could be abducted, so we pretty much tell people that we talk to, you know one of the smartest things to do is don’t park along side of a van.”  Joyce Kesse, mother of missing Jennifer Kesse – Missing Pieces – Episode 43

And take it from one who has been in a bad situation and survived, all warnings are good warnings.
– Anon –

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