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I’ve received a few inquiries as to why I “killed” the Who Killed Theresa? Website.

The main reason was because the website was “static” and the blog is much more interactive. Overtime I was spending all my time blogging information, and the website became more-and-more an artifact of 2002-2003. Also, the blog’s html platform is much easier to work with (I am no computer guru; the website requires dream quest (?) or some such software. It’s expensive and I can’t afford it. Also, the blog is free. The website cost about $35 / year; not a lot, but at least the kids allowance for a month.

If you scroll down this page and click on “who killed theresa website” under “dinky links” you will be taken to something that looks a little like the old website. I don’t know how or who or why this information is being maintained (you can see its much more “commercial”; perhaps the owner is hoping someone will want to buy it (it sure isn’t me)).

Anyway… If anyone can give me compelling reasons why the website should be restored, I’m all ears.
Missy’s Missives ( smiley face )

1. I too would love to comb the archives of the SQ’s Don Bosco offices: How does anyone propose I get permission to do so? I am persona-non-grata with the SQ. They won’t return my phone calls. The Ministre of Securite Publique has cut me off. Theresa’s file is in limbo.

All offers and flashes of ingenuity are welcome.

I will add here that I was in Montreal over Christmas, but decided (wisely) to keep a low profile. No police contact. No media. No lobbying the government. I played hockey, watched hockey, spent time with my family. There will be time to take up the banner later in the new year.

2. I have a further question for the Gagnons: Who was employed on the farm between the winter 1978 and the spring of 1979?

More and more I have difficulty accepting anyone would pull off the side of the road of chemin de la station and drag a body to a dump site. That is one, big wide open valley. Have you seen the dump sites of Camirand and Dube? Completely secluded. Pulling off the road is risky behavior beyond my comprehension. But if you worked on the farm? Aggressed the girl in the barn at the back without the family knowing? Then dumped the body in the adjacent water? This is plausible.

This is on my mind as I am completing a second edit of my chapter for Kim Rossmo’s book on investigative failures. It has to be to the editors by the end of January. The chapter is called, What Happened to Theresa Allore? It includes some stuff you’ve already read (Pearson). Also, extensive pages on the disappearances and discoveries of Dube and Camirand (other than the French, historical press, I don’t think there has been this much written about them in English). There was a paragraph written about Sue, but I cut it (so it goes). The best part of it all is the absolute ream-job it delivers to the SQ. It is written without vitriol, but you definitely get the message that after 30-years, these guys still don’t know what they’re doing. And it’s backed by the editing abilities of Kim Rossmo; one of the most respected and influential voices in criminal investigative practices. Frankly, I was surprised he let me keep some of the writing, but pleased that he did.


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