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The blog has been rather quiet lately and I must admit that I have been a tad negligent in blogging duties. I got wrapped up in holiday festivities and put the blog on the back burner.

Since 2008 will be the 30-year anniversary of Theresa’s death, I say that we step up our efforts this year and see if we can’t get some more answers. Even if we can’t bring the case for prosecution, maybe we can at least identify a list of suspects and wrap up some loose ends.

Here are some of my outstanding questions. I’m sure John has a few for the politicians. Let me know what yours are.

Questions for the Gagnon family…

  • Did they have dogs?
  • Did they ever go down to the bog between November and April? If they didn’t, why not?

Questions for investigators…

  • Who were the suspects in the Louise Camirand and Manon Dube murders? Were they ever considered for Theresa’s murder?
  • Could robbery have been considered a motive for Theresa’s murder? Her wallet was empty. Did the police ever check her bank accounts to see if she withdrew any money that week?
  • Were the Pouliots ever considered as suspects? (Champlain College’s Director General, Gerry Cutting, mentioned them in a conversation with John Allore on March 15, 2002)
  • Can we get a team to search the Lake Memphremagog area where the two hunters report seeing Theresa’s clothes two days after her disappearance? Maybe there are still some remnants.

    Questions for the Champlain student population…

  • Could Theresa have witnessed something that caused someone to panic and kill her? (Did she see a drug deal go down?) Her brother, John Allore, says she had “a smart mouth”. Maybe she answered back to the wrong person.
  • Did anyone return books to Theresa’s locker after she went missing?
  • Other than her boyfriend at the time, did someone else have a romantic interest in Theresa?

    Questions for the Champlain faculty…

  • Was there a member of the faculty who seemed a little “too interested” in the affairs of students?
  • Why was Stewart Peacock never interviewed? Why did he leave and where did he go?
  • Who was the teacher that Roch Gaudreault named as a suspect? Why was he/she a person of interest?

    Questions for John…

  • Anon has offered to look for the missing evidence at the SQ’s headquarters on Parthenais Street in Montreal. How does she go about getting the permission she needs to search the evidence storage rooms?

Of course, if you have answers to any of these questions or some information you’d like to share, please email johnallore@gmail.com or maritime.missy@gmail.com.

As always, we promise to treat everything you tell us with the utmost of discretion.

Maritime Missy


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