Letter to a Friend:

Please push for media:

Here’s what happened:

I had my meeting in Quebec City with the Ministere / Securite Publique. Everything goes well. I say, “the letter I wrote you 1 1/2 years ago calling for:

– Inquiry into the SQ
– Better SQ communications
– Cold Case Bureau?”

Don’t worry about it. The gov did $30 million on Poitras, you guys have improved on communications, and there IS a cold case bureau (my guy in Montreal confirmed it)

So here’s what I tell Robert Lafreniere, the sous-ministre (go-between b/w Public Security and the SQ) what I want:

1. A new Investigator for Theresa (Benoit’s leaving, I need a new, aggressive guy).

2. Better yet, that cold case bureau? Move all three files into it (Allore, Camirand, Dube). Yes I understand the initial mandate was to only go back 25 years, broaden the mandate – if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it.

3. There’s this creepy family called the Poiliots – we think there’s something up there: would you please have them investigated.

“Yes M. Allore, I understand, I will get back to you on all of this”. He even READ BACK TO ME POINT-FOR-POINT the things I was asking for.

SO what do I get in the mail? (I’ll forward it). A written response from this boob with the typical SQ “a case is never closed until it’s solved”:

I even specified for him in that meeting that I never wanted to hear that language again.


1. I can’t get anyone in his office on the phone or email.

2. I can’t get a response from the Ministere de Conseil’s office (it was their office who introduced me to Lafreniere)

3. I can’t find Benoit anymore, so I’m cut off from the SQ

I’ve worked the chain. I’ve got two places further to go, over Lafreniere’s head to Dupuis’ sous-ministre, Paul Girard, and then to Dupuis himself.

And I’m not asking for much! A little piece of mind to know things are being handled.I don’t want an inquiry (they couldn’t afford it, they’re already doing a communications overhaul, and the cold case thing is in place!)

My meeting with Lafreniere went VERY well; very friendly, French-and-English, no threats (ever) just the facts.

So it’s bizarre and extremely frustrating 6 weeks later to be faced with this.

So, yes! At this point any press at all. I will be in Montreal over the Xmas holiday. I will be fully prepared for ANYBODY to stick a camera in my face. I will also attempt to get a meeting with the Ministere de Conseil (maybe Pierre can join me), and another with the SQ (at the least, I want Theresa’s wallet, earrings, ring and watch back).

Anything, ANYONE can do to help at this point would be appreciated.



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