How did Theresa get back to Compton on November 3, 1978?

In the past 29 years, a lot of theories about the night Theresa disappeared have been discussed. Here’s another one…

I feel quite confident in saying that Theresa made it back to Compton on Friday, November 3, 1978. There are two eyewitness accounts that place her in King’s Hall from 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm. The autopsy found that Theresa still had food in her stomach at the time of her death which means she would have eaten late in the evening as Tamara Westall indicated.

Based on those two facts, the possibility that she was picked up and murdered by a stranger while hitchhiking from Lennoxville to Compton is remote. (If she got a ride from a stranger/murderer on the way back to Compton, I very much doubt that he would have dropped her off unharmed at King’s Hall and somehow managed to cross paths with her again later that same night outside the residence. However, if the driver was also connected to King’s Hall, there is a stronger possibility that their paths DID cross again.)

So …if she made it back to Compton that Friday night, how did she get there? (And what was she doing between 6:15 pm when she was last seen walking toward the bus and 9 pm when Sharon Buzzee saw her in King’s Hall?)

There are two blog entries written by John Allore that inspired my latest theory:

“(Roch) Gaudreault believed it was a murder, and it happened in residence. I said, “a murder done by someone outside the school, or by someone inside the school”. He said, inside, and that Gaudreault had two strong suspects. I asked if Gaudreault had ever mentioned any names. (Gerry) Cutting said, “No, he would never do that, but one of the suspects was a teacher.” [March 15, 2006]

“On April 2nd, 2002, I had a telephone conversation with Jeanne Eddisford. She confirmed that Peacock was then the Director of Residence, and that he was absent from campus in the evenings on several occasions.” [March 12, 2005]

Now what if Theresa spent a few hours in Lennoxville running some errands and bumped into a member of the Champlain staff or a fellow student? Maybe this teacher/ student/ casual acquaintance was in town shopping or enjoying a drink on Friday evening. (Ms. Eddisford said at least one staff person was known to be off-campus in the evenings on several occasions. No doubt there were others.) Maybe this person offered Theresa a lift back to Compton– which she probably would have readily accepted because she “knew” the driver.

Here’s where it gets confusing for me. Sharon Buzzee said Theresa looked as if “she had just come in from outside” which leads me to believe she walked into King’s Hall unaccompanied. So if she got a drive from someone who also lived/worked at King’s Hall, why wouldn’t they have entered together?

Maybe the driver dropped her off at the front door of the residence and left to park the car.

Theresa was seen walking up towards the second floor. Why? Did she want to see her brother Andre…maybe to borrow money? (Her wallet was found with no money in it…did she spend it in Lennoxville and remember she needed to buy smokes or some liquor?) When Andre didn’t answer the door, it seems she went back down to the dining room to get a bite to eat. Could she have then met up with that same person who gave her a lift back to Compton and was offered another ride to the store in the village?

I don’t think she went back to her room after her late-night snack. If she did, she probably would have changed clothes, stopped by her friends’ room, etc. Somebody would have noticed her. Was Theresa on her way there through the annex that connected King’s Hall to Gillard House when she was encountered someone who convinced her to go back outside again?

OK…so if she disappears shortly after being seen in the dining room hall…how was she convinced/taken outside? Did a student or teacher in the dining room ask her if she wanted to accompany him to get something at the store?

There are just so many questions about the night of November 3rd that we’ll probably never get the answers to unless someone confesses or comes forward with new information. But ultimately, someone brought Theresa back to Compton that night. Who was it and why didn’t they share that information with police at the time?

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