It was 29 years ago today…

That Theresa Allore disappeared from Compton, Quebec.

>>>>This photo was taken this past summer by a reader of this blog. It is from the top of Compton Station Road looking east toward Compton. The red arrow indicates the bridge over the bog next to the Gagnon farm where Theresa’s body was finally discovered in April 1979.

Friday November 3, 1978

Temperature: 55 degrees F and sunny during the day…about 30 F at night

What she was wearing: a white t-shirt, blue cords, long beige sweater coat, Chinese slippers, long green scarf. No socks.

6 pm: Suzanne DeRome and Josie Stepenhorst spoke to Theresa at Dewhurst dining room. Theresa was going to meet with them at 9 pm back in Compton to listen to music. Bummed a smoke.

6:15 pm: Josie was on the bus back to Gillard House in Compton and saw Theresa leaving the dining hall walking toward bus.

Before 9 pm: Greg Deacon, a student, stopped by Theresa’s room in Gillard Hall to see if she completed her homework. He knocked but there was no answer.

9 pm: Josie and Suzanne were in their residence listening to records. Theresa never showed up.

9 pm: Sharon Buzzee talked to Theresa on the stairs of King’s Hall. Sharon asks Theresa what her plans are for that night. She replies that she intends to do her homework. As Buzzee leaves, Theresa appears to be heading up the stairs of King’s Hall toward the second or third floor. Police said her report was unreliable.

9: 30 pm: Tamara Westall says she saw Theresa in King’s Hall dining room grabbing a late-night snack.

9: 30 – 10 pm: Andre Allore hears footsteps in the hallway on the second floor. He knows it’s a female’s footsteps because the floor creaks differently if a man walks over it. There is a knock on his door. He doesn’t answer it. Whoever knocks walks away.

Case Milestones (spearheaded by John Allore and his team of volunteers)

  • Theresa’s death has been ruled a homicide
  • The case has received national media publicity
  • Quebec establishes Cold Case Bureau
  • A proper search of the area where Theresa was found was finally conducted.

What still needs to be done

  • Keep the pressure on law enforcement.
  • Keep the case in the public eye.
  • Encourage people to come forward with tips
  • Take advantage of new forensics techniques.
  • Determine if evidence from Theresa’s case is irretrievably lost or just misplaced.
  • Conduct a search in the Lake Memphremagog area to see if remnants of the clothing the hunters report they found are still in existence.
  • Get the police (Quebec’s Cold Case Bureau) to actively investigate Theresa’s case and resolve previous leads.
  • Identify Theresa’s killer before the 30th anniversary of her disappearance.

If you have anything else you’d like to add to this list, or if you have information you think could help, e-mail me ( or post a comment on the blog.

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