Questions in need of answers

If you’re like me, the more you read about Theresa’s case, the more questions you have.

I’ve already explored some questions in previous blog entries (e.g., Why wasn’t Theresa found sooner?) but there are still plenty more that need to be resolved.

Unfortunately, since we don’t have much in the way of hard evidence, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that unequivocal answers are unlikely at this stage. I’ll have to settle for probabilities and hypotheses.

Here are some of my top questions…

1. Ruling out a spouse or family member, 47% of homicides in Canada are committed by people the victim knew (other than family members). Only 17% are committed by strangers. If Theresa’s case matches the national statistics, she was likely killed by someone she knew–maybe a friend or someone she encountered casually. So who did Theresa come in contact with that could have been her assailant? A student? A friend of student?

2. Why were Theresa’s clothes not found at the crime scene? (There is reason to believe that the clothes the hunters found were Theresa’s. If so, why were they located so far from where her body was found?)

3. If Theresa didn’t die from strangulation, how did she die? (Personally, I believe she was strangled for reasons mentioned in another blog entry…e.g., vomit found in her throat.)

4. When did Theresa die? The night she went missing or later? (I don’t think a time of death was ever determined with certainty.)

5. Was she killed where her body was found? (There’s a strong possibility that she was killed at another location and deposited in the bog next to the Gagnon farm.)

6. Did she meet her fate after she left Lennoxville and before she got to Compton? Or did she die after she was reported seen in King’s Hall by Sharon Buzzee and Tamara Westall?

7. Was her murderer someone local or transient? (This one is a tough one. Right now, I think her murderer was somebody who lived in the area. If it was a “transient”, and by transient, I mean someone who was passing through–not a vagabond, then it could have been a hunter or someone who visited the Compton area on a regular basis.)

8. Is her murderer sitting in jail serving time for another offense? (According to statistics, this is highly likely.)

If you have theories or questions of your own, I’d like to hear them. Leave a comment or send me an email ( I promise to keep your information confidential.

Maritime Missy

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