Greeting cards for offenders??!

In case you haven’t heard, an attorney in Southern California has created a line of greeting cards for inmates and their families. She called it “Three Squares Greetings”. (

Terrye Cheathem, a lawyer from a middle-class family, says she started the company after she couldn’t find the right card to send to her brother-in-law who was incarcerated. Now, after investing $30,000 worth of research, design and promotion, her greeting card company was officially launched on October 2, 2007.

According to a newspaper article, “the cards were a big hit at a national convention of prison officials last summer. Wardens appreciated their simplicity. No glitter or glue, no folding flaps or cutesy pop-ups that could hide contraband.”

Other companies have also tapped into this “niche” market (Bid Greetings and Prison Expressions).

Now I know you’re probably laughing, cracking jokes or shaking your head in disbelief …but…here’s a crazy idea…

What if one of these cards could actually break the ice and establish a common ground for communicating with an offender who you think has information relevant to a family member’s case? What if there’s an inmate sitting in prison who you think may even be responsible for the death of your loved one?

How do you begin to establish a correspondence or start a dialogue with him? Maybe sending them a “I haven’t forgotten about you” card might do the trick.

Don’t get me wrong. I am certainly not advocating starting friendships with inmates.

I’m merely suggesting that opening a door to facilitate communication might prove more valuable than we realize. Maybe the suspect/offender is at a place in his life where he really would like to make amends, unburden his conscience or even confess.

Maybe finding justice for a loved one starts with reaching out to an inmate.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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