No truer words spoken.

“…If you know something and you keep your mouth shut … you’re just as guilty as the person that did it.”
— Evelyn Safe, sister of Buffalo murder victim

Buffalo’s Cold Case Squad being hailed as heroes by sister of murder victim

In a small office inside Buffalo Police Headquarters, Buffalo’s Cold Case Detectives take on big cases. They’re a team of people who helped convict Altemio Sanchez – – the Bike Path Rapist and Killer and helped exonerate Anthony Capozzi.

Now though, with murder charges against a man named Dennis Donohue, there’s another local family with praise for Buffalo Detectives.

A mother of three, strangled to death and found inside her South Buffalo home – – September, 1993. Joan Giambra’s body – – brought out in broad daylight.

It’s a day that haunts Giambra’s sister – – Evelyn Safe. “

Lately – – the past year – – I’ve been thinking about it every single day.”

And Buffalo’s Cold Case Squad’s been thinking a lot about Joan Giambra’s case too. Hard work by detectives and DNA did it again.

Dennis Donohue – – whose identity is still not being revealed – – charged now, with Giambra’s murder. There’s also the potential that Donohue may be responsible for two other murders in Western New York.

Safe said, “That just boggles my mind. It boggles my mind. I’ve said in the past – – if you know something and you keep your mouth shut … you’re just as guilty as the person that did it.”

For more than a decade, answers had been few and far between for the family of Joan Giambra – -one of 17 sisters and brothers. Safe said, “Yes. We’ve been waiting a long time. And I’ll tell you if it wasn’t for Dennis Delano and the cold case squad – – I don’t think it would’ve happened. Dennis Delano and them guys and gals – – they’re like hound dogs. They take a bite out of something and they don’t let go until they get to the truth. And that’s a warning for anybody else out there.”

Buffalo’s Cold Case Squad has been working on old cases since March 2006. So far they’ve been very successful.


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