Another cornfield. Another murder. Another cold case.

This time, it was Mary Pierce whose nude body was found in a cornfield in 1977 in Greeley, Colorado. She had been raped and stabbed. Fortunately for Mary, detectives are still actively investigating her case 30 years after the fact.

Here are some excerpts from the local newspaper, The Tribune, about the Mary Elizabeth Pierce case (my comments are in red):

“But it was a farmer — who owned the cornfield — who found the body. The farmer had walked past the cornfield Thursday, saw a sock lying beside the dirt road, and thought nothing of it. When the search for Mary Pierce began, he remembered the sock and went back. About 100 yards from U.S. 34, in his field of corn, he found the nude body of Mary Pierce….
***As I mentioned before, I wonder why somebody from the Gagnon farm hadn’t found Theresa. At least the Gagnon fields had already been harvested. The Colorado field still had tall cornstalks… and yet Mary’s body was found the following day after she disappeared.***

“…sheriff’s deputy Bill Spading and Greeley detective Mike Savage, combed the cornfield for clues. Dogs were brought in, metal detectors were used in the cornfield, the ditches, the dirt roads, to find the knife that killed Mary Pierce.
***Too bad this same effort wasn’t applied in Theresa’s case.***

“Jesse talked about hearing the dogs barking that night,” Molocznik said. “And a farmer close to the cornfield reported his dogs were barking like crazy about 3:30 in the morning. It would have been the time she was being killed in the cornfield.”
***Hmm…this farmer had dogs who noticed something was wrong the night Mary was being killed. As I mentioned before, if the Gagnon farm had dogs, wouldn’t they have alerted their owners if a car was parked for any length of time in front of the property? And if nobody was home that night, what about the next six months? The dogs surely would have noticed a dead body.***

The Tribune editorial staff sums up the investigative efforts in the Mary Pierce case:

“We’re glad — and proud — that our local authorities continue to follow up on such tips, regardless of how remote they may be, rather than let them collect dust. That gives the lives of those murdered or who have disappeared relevancy, respect even. And the detectives’ work gives the families some hope.”
***I’m sure the Allore family would love to be able to say the same thing.***

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