Are Canada’s pathologists qualified to do their job?

You’d think that an important job like pathologist would be a licensed profession in Canada. Apparently not. You can practice pathology without being board certified. (At least you have to be a licensed doctor before you can call yourself a pathologist.)

There is a Canadian Association of Pathologists but they don’t regulate the profession. I think the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada considers pathology a “specialty” and offers training. Pathologists aren’t required by law to take the training and you don’t necessarily need it to take a job as a pathologist.

This excerpt is from a CBC story:

“When it comes to autopsy reports, the field of pathology can be a subjective one. It’s based on research and opinion, and it’s especially controversial in Canada, where there is no formal training or certification process. Only a handful of practitioners in Ontario are entrusted with the job — and they’ve learned by doing.”

If I am wrong on this, somebody please enlighten me.

Maritime Missy


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