Muskrat Trapping Seasons…

One of our blog readers sent me some more detailed information about muskrat trapping seasons from the Quebec Department of Natural Resources website.

Apparently, there are two different trapping seasons for muskrats–one for submarine (underwater) traps and one for above-water traps. In the zone where Theresa was found, above-water muskrat traps can be placed between October and the end of April. If you’re laying underwater traps, you can only do it between October and the end of December.

Based on this information, Robert Ride must have been doing above-water traps when he discovered Theresa.

On the subject of blogging…

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting every day. The reason for this is that I’ve had some feedback from readers. A few people suggested I leave posts up longer to allow them more time to digest the information before I move on to another topic. Someone also suggested I not blog on Sundays so everybody can catch up on the week’s activities. I’ll take their advice.

FYI…I keep an eye on the number of comments each blog entry receives. It helps me gauge reader interest. So please…don’t keep your thoughts to yourself…write a comment! Your feedback is important!

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