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“…Two days after Theresa Allore disappeared, two young men walking along a wooded road between Magog and Austin came across a pair of woman’s slacks and a shirt, draped across a log. When Theresa was reported missing some days later, the men called Detective Leo Hamell, who went over to investigate. The clothes could no longer be found.I checked Hamell’s notes, which John had copied from his sister’s file, and studied my map of the Eastern Townships. The road where the young men had seen the women’s slacks and shirt was Rue Giguere.”
–Patricia Pearson, National Post article, August 10, 2002

“…On Saturday, November 4th, 1978 two hunters – Stephen Mandigo and Samuel Burnham – spotted clothing in the woods off Giguare road near Austin, Quebec. The location was ¼ a mile down Giguare road, about 500 yards into the interior of the forest, left off Giguare. The hunters described seeing “darkish pants and a t-shirt”. Theresa Allore was last seen wearing dark blue corduroys and a t-shirt. On Wednesday, November 15th, 1978 the hunters and the chief of the Lennoxville police went back to the sight but were unable to re-locate the clothing.”
–April 12, 2006 Who Killed Theresa (WTK) blog entry

“…The paper also mentions that just two days after her disappearance, some hunters found women’s clothing in a wood near the village of Austin, and that these clothes matched the description of those worn by Theresa Allore.”
— May 5, 2007, WTK blog entry

1. Why did it take Leo Hamel 11 days to investigate the discovery of women’s clothing in Austin?

2. Who, besides the hunters and Leo Hamel, knew that clothing had been found? (In other words, how did the person(s) who retrieved the shirt/pants know that the clothing had been discovered in the first place?)

3. Hunters found the clothing. A trapper found Theresa. Both locations seem to be frequented mostly by hunters. Can we extrapolate from this that a hunter was involved in Theresa’s murder?

4. Hunters seem to have favourite spots. Who else hunted near the rue Giguere and/or trapped along the Compton Station Road? (Again, would the Quebec Dept. of Natural Resources keep records of hunting/trapping licenses for Zone 81 from 1978-79?)

5. If the clothes that the hunter found were in fact Theresa’s, why were they found so far away from the Compton Station Road?

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