A few final things before we shut Mother down

1. I did not want to leave you hanging on the matter of evidence retention. After four years I finally heard from the RCMP (thanks to the initiative of the Federal Victims Ombudsman, Steve Sullivan). Here are the words of Donald Perrett, policy analyst for the RCMP (my emphasis):

In Canada, it is up to each police force to set their own policy and guidelines for each set of circumstances. Although the Criminal Code is National, the administration of the Judicial System is a Provincial responsibility unless it is a specific Federal Statute. For the RCMP, we are a National Police Force and have a hierarchy system of offences that range from open liquor (provincial statutes) to Murder, treason,etc. However, our policies do not govern other police forces and there is no onus on them to follow our policy or investigational guidelines.

For the RCMP, a murder or attempt of is at the top of our hierarchy and the file is never destroyed. To try and explain, I will deal specifically with a murder.The investigation file is maintained at the specific detachment until the investigation or court proceedings (and appeal period) are finished. At that point, they would be transferred to the Division file archives for a period of 15 years. After the15 years, they are transferred to the RCMP national archives who in turn log and transfer them to the National archives. There they stay forever. Unsolved murders are maintained investigative for a period of 70 years, after which they would be transferred to the national archives as well. The 70 years is used due to the fact that any suspect would likely be deceased 70 years after a murder takes place.

Specifically for physical evidence, we do have policy in place which states that biological evidence with respect to murder investigations must be kept indefinitely.Within the RCMP, we are continually in the process of implementing and enhancing policy in relation to evidence and this evidence will range from investigators notebooks to biological/physical evidence. As for any type of national policy, it would still be up to individual police forces to create their own policy as we govern only the RCMP. Other police forces including ourselves do have a good working relationship with each other and readily share best practises across the board.

I don’t know if this answers your questions, but rest assure that we are constantly writing and improving on policy everyday. As a policy writer yourself, if you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear from you and any ideas you may have to improve our commitment of safe homes and safe communities.If you wish to obtain more specific information about the RCMP policy in place, I would direct you to contact our Access to Information and Privacy Branch within the Public Affairs and Communication Services at (613)993-5162. As you indicated your specific family connection deals with the Surete du Quebec,you may also contact them at mail to: or

Yes I have a suggestion. Insist that all Provincial and Local law enforcement agencies follow the practice of the RCMP (in practice, I can cite many RCMP cases where this hasn’t been the case, but maybe they need to be reminded) . If they don’t, hold them accountable.

2. I contacted the central headquarters of the Surete du Quebec today. I wanted to tell Theresa’s investigator, Benoit Patinaude, that I was moving on and to thank him for his services… I was informed that Benoit was on vacation for 5 weeks. When I asked for another investigator I was informed that all central investigators, “… had been dispatched to the Trois Riviere region” and there was no one I could speak with. I am certainly happy they are so dedicated to finding Cedrika Provencher, mais…

plus ca change…

3. Yes, I am leaving… don’t doubt it. a few last points:

Wacky Theories I Have Had to Endure Over The Years:


– Theresa never snowboarded (I don’t think it was invented in ’78).

– I do not have 2 boys

– My parents are not dead



4. To those who have written… YES I leave clues in my posts. References and forwards lead to information about what I feel, what I think, who I feel about, what I think of them, what she felt, what she means, and where the investigation has gone…

I can’t help it, I’m a “parlor game” sort of guy…

Bonne chance!


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