Coming Clean

So here it is. My wife and I have been separated twice in the past year, and this time I feel it is permanent. I live in an apartment up the street from my (former) house. I get the children on weekends. I stay in contact with my wife – We must, we have responsibilities – but we are no longer together.

I share this with you for the simple reason that I believe you should know the toll that this effort takes on victims, and their families. Anyone going forward who should encounter such struggles should know what they’re up against. Here are my wife’s words about the entire affair, which I would urge anyone to heed who wishes to take on the forces of an organized establishment:

This is insane. This case is Dickensian in its destructive power. Like “Jarndyce and Jarndyce” in Bleak House, this case has torn apart everyone it has touched. The possibility of justice (whatever that means) was lost long ago, and what’s left has become Obsession as Entertainment. We’ll never know “Who Killed Theresa”, but I know this – her influence has persisted to this very day, and she’s been allowed to continue to wreak havoc and sap the life from more than one generation of victims.

I’ve kept mostly quiet throughout this whole investigation, to the detriment of my marriage and thus my children’s lives. The murder of Theresa is a tragedy, no one can deny that. But the investigation has become a cancer that has claimed many more victims in one way or another. I never knew Theresa, but I feel sure no one would want this to be their legacy.

EVERYONE should walk away and let her rest in peace.


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