Me and my inflated ego would like to tell you…

That I finally have my computer back after a month in the shop. Actually it was nice. No TV. No computer. Only books and movies.

You’d be amazed what happens when you don’t have the media whispering in your ear – an institution that sells fear, then lulls you into consumption – evil. I have a much more positive outlook, and I don’t feel the need to buy something.

So, books and movies. Ya, I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Albert Einstein (library copy) -I have little to say but, brilliant. Things I didn’t know about Einstein:

– He never achieved a unified theory of all forces, though I swear in school that’s what they teach you.

– He was not a school drop out: he chafed at the bite of inferior teachers, but did quite well.

– He went to college, but rebelled at ignorance (he was never thrown out).

– He was pretty randy with the ladies.

Anyway, I’m now sinking into the last Harry Potter (that I consumed at Target).

Movies… I’ve seen a lot lately (from the library or weekends with my daughters at the cinema). You know my thoughts on Solaris. Here are my one line reviews of some others:

Little Miss Sunshine: Alan Arkin has a wonderfully foul mouth

The Squid and the Whale: That one hurt, but I really enjoyed it.

Why We Fight: A good documentary about war.

The Fog of War: A better documentary about war: McNamara… can’t take your eyes off him

Children of Men: I wish they made more Sci-Fi movies like this. Gritty and unnerving

The Constant Gardener: GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: So fuckin’ funny… Buckaroo Bonzai with Bill Murray

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: It’s Sonic the Hedgehog for adults.

Les Invasions Barbares: M Moore needs to see this before he paints Can’s health care with rose colored glasses (whoops that’s more than one line). Watched it 6 times, never a bore.

Bon Cop Bad Cop: Can’t get through it. I’ve a problem laughing at the SQ “breaking the rules”

Year and A Day: My friend, Bob’s movie. All heart, I love it.

Christmas in July: You can NEVER go wrong with Preston Sturges

Kiki’s Delivery Service: And you can NEVER go wrong with Miyazaki

Ratatouille: That’s no cartoon, that’s a good adult movie

Harry Potter V: It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to these characters

Fantastic Four II: Torch On! I like the guy who plays the Human Torch

Who Killed The Electric Car: Yawn. There’s a better movie on this subject

National Treasure: VERY commercial, and I absolutely love it

Good Night and Good Luck: George! Where’s the third act?

The 25 Hour: Spike! Get him to prison already!!!

House of Sand and Fog: Tits Finnagan… errr Jennifer Connelly struggles valiantly in a bore of a film. Kingsley’s brilliant as always. They should give this man’s spine an award. Watch his gate from Ghandi to Itzhak Stern to Sexy Beast meany, Don Logan… the guy’s incredible.

And that’s definitely over one line.


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