Grrrrrrrrr… you guys are workin’ my nilly-nerve (smiley face)

Ok… look at “pont de la station” at the top of the map. See the bring to the left just above “Compton Station”? This is where Sue thought Theresa was found – she was wrong, and I told her so when I took her to this place last June.

Theresa was found at the second bridge to the right of the first bridge (just above the “s” in “station”. It is a bog. There was NO RIVER, NO FLOW, NO DRIFT, NO WAY THAT HER BODY WAS CARRIED UP OR DOWN STREAM.

Other notes:

– recall that these were gravel in 1978

– Other murders: nothing until 1987 that wasn’t solved or domestic violence. Then after that of course you get the Bolduc case in the 90s.

The rest was good though!

Carry on…


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