This from the conclusion of Solaris which I watched last night:

I have returned. Finally.

I work in the city now. After work I wander and
lose myself.
I am silent and attentive.
I follow the current. I make a conscious
effort to smile,
nod, stand,
and perform the millions of gestures
that constitute life on Earth.

I will study these gestures until they become
reflexes again.
I will find new interests
and occupations, but --

I will not... give myself.
I will not give myself
to anything or anyone,
because I am haunted
by the idea that I remembered her wrong.

That I shaded my memory of her to suit myself.
That I was unfair to
her and caused her
What if I was wrong about everything?

I’ve come to believe that memory is a curse.

I know what you're gonna say, Solaris is a bore.
Ya well if you think
it's slow try sitting through
Tarkovsky's original, it's damn near impenetrable
- and still brilliant.

You should know this movie: If you were
stranded somewhere
with the ghost of a loved one,
could you give it up and come back to earth?

Apart from all this it's a great little
performanceby co-star,
Jeremy Davies.

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