Happy Canada Day!

The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

July 1, 2007

Justice Minister Nicholson:

This is my fourth consecutive Canada Day letter to Ministers of Justice inquiring about the rules governing evidence retention in Canada. This letter was proceeded by similar letters to former Justice Ministers’ Toews, Cotler and McClellan ( you can find links to those letters here: http://whokilledtheresa.blogspot.com/2006/07/happy-canada-day-3rd-in-ongoing-series.html ).

Minister McClellan was the last minister to graciously reply to my inquiry, informing me that the RCMP was the proper agency to respond to my request, and assuring me that she had forwarded my request to the RCMP; a response would be imminent.

That was over four years ago and I am still waiting for the RCMP’s “imminent reply” despite continuing efforts on my part to have the issue resolved. I have waited over four years now for an answer to my question: what are the policies, rules, procedures governing evidence retention in Canada? Why are there not uniform policies that address this very serious matter?Please don’t keep me waiting another year. Let us hope, for the sake of citizens of Canada, that you give clarification to this very important matter.

I might add that I am quite baffled and unaccustomed to public officials failing to respond to information requests from their constituents. Where I live, North Carolina, when an inquiry is made to an agency, it is immediately given a response. My experience with such communication has been uniform whether my inquiry was to a junior public official, all the way up to Senior Senators (Senator Edwards was gracious enough to personally help me with my immigration case even though he was in the middle of a presidential campaign). This experience has been consistent whether I email, telephone, write a letter or make an in-person contact with an American government official; I never fail to get a response. Why aren’t Canadian government agencies equally diligent to respond to the people they represent?

I simply do not understand the failure to respond of Canadian representatives when their constituents ask for answers to very serious questions.

Sincerely, and with great respect for your time and dedication to justice,

John Allore
brother of Theresa Allore,
murdered in Quebec in 1978

Cc: Steve Sullivan, Canadian Victims Ombudsman


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