Shame On Me?

To those (few) who have defended Sue (and I’m confident you were put up to it), why do so anonymously? So far, the only one to identify themselves is Ric Roy (thank you Richard). Why not come forward and tell me who you are and what you know?

Because I can assure you that in the year that Ms. Sutherland has been in charge I have heard NOTHING.

It’s bad enough to have my sister die the way she did, but don’t you think secrets and cover-ups would be the last thing I could tolerate at this point? For that, I can go back to the SQ.

Unfunded? UNFUNDED? No, I don’t think Sue is unfunded. Maybe not by me – and judging from the accusatory email I’ve received lately you’d swear I was Scrooge – funding was never part of the deal. I’ve gone well into debt over this affair, I’ve got nothing to give. But I do not believe that Ms. Sutherland is unfunded. You’ll need to ask her about that, but thank god for friends of Theresa (from 29 years ago) who do what they do because they love her (and it’s a shame that their generosity should be abused).

John A


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