BCS History of Teacher Sex Alligations

I do love this story from 2003, “BCS Seeks Higher Profile”… They got it now!

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August 13, 2003 Wednesday Final Edition

HEADLINE: Bishop’s College seeks higher profile

SOURCE: The Gazette

The new headmaster of Bishop’s College School says his priority is to raise the public profile of the private prep school in the Eastern Townships and to “bring it out” from under the shadow of Bishop’s University.

“I want our school to stand alone and to be recognized on its own merits,” Lewis Evans said yesterday.

“We have a phenomenal history that goes back to 1836. The first half of that history we share with Bishop’s University; the second half is our own.”

There are about 260 students at the co-educational school in Lennoxville. Forty per cent of them are from outside Canada.

“It’s a real eye-opener,” Evans said. “We have students from about 25 countries, and at least 16 mother tongues on campus.”

Evans became the 27th headmaster in the school’s 167-year history. His father was a housemaster at Bishop’s College School in the 1940s; as a boy, Evans was raised in an apartment on the third floor of the school.

He has taught there since 1976, and most recently was the school’s director of development. He replaces Nancy Layton, headmaster for the past eight years.

Bishop’s College is a boarding school; tuition is $30,000 a year, or $35,000 for international students. Evans says that makes its mandate doubly exacting, because it has to be both a home and a school.

“Our motto is recti cultus pectora roborant – learning properly strengthens character – so we have to deliver on character development,” he said.


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